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    Supernatural memeOne episode per season ↴

    Season 4: Yellow Fever. (4.06)

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    Sad/Bands/B&W blog

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    The 10 Phrases I’ve Stopped Saying And The People Who Appreciate Me For It (via Upworthy)

    It’s pretty common for people to use disability metaphors like “That guy is crazy!” or “This weather is so bipolar” without giving it a second thought. It’s important to realize how these words and metaphors can affect people with disabilities and perpetuate stigmas surrounding mental health. If you’ve never thought about the impact these words can have, you’re in luck because this chart provides some common disability metaphors and easy alternatives!

    ps. Special thanks to m-arkiplier for inspiring me to create this graphic! (and for his permission to use his post) For more info on why it’s important to be conscious of the metaphors we use, check out this HuffPost article ”10 Reasons to Give Up Ableist Language.”

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    Accurate description of fans after the premiere

    the longer you watch the funnier it gets

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